In the midst of a recession, employee engagement is critical. Do your staff members know what is expected of them? Do you communicate this to them effectively? Do you have systems in place to align new applicants with the right jobs?

These are important questions to consider as you enter 2013.

Studies show that only 1 in 7 employees are willing to go the “extra mile” for their company. Is this the case in your organization? And if so, what are the current and future implications of that for your business?

With 55% of employees disengaged in the workplace, disengaged workers cost the US economy $350 billion a year. The problem for many employees today is that they simply lack purpose in their life and work, and therefore they lack motivation to perform their job well.

For companies to reach full efficiency and profitability, owners and managers must help their staff members discover their purpose and further develop their unique talents and motivations to achieve overall job satisfaction and engagement.

As you enter 2013, we can help you and your organization accomplish this!

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